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Take the next step in your journey of becoming a techno producer. Send us your track and we will listen to it carefully, and provide you with a full and thorough feedback report. To improve your production skills and your track. No strings attached.

We know how hard you’ve been working on your release, so we will work just as hard to review it for you to improve. And if we think your track has a shot, we offer you a release on Dutch Dance Records.

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Who are we?

Dutch Dance Records eats, sleeps and breathes techno music. As independent recordlabel we are on a mission to help techno producers around the world improve their skills.

We guide and support talented producers open endedly by helping them to take the next step or facing their next challenge. Releasing songs, getting feedback and improving skills or just by getting to know more likeminded people.

By doing so, we improve quality of techno music around the world and create the unique opportunity of giving the most talented producers a chance on the big stage.

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