Hadi Nakhle’s – Electric Pulse Surge

Hadi Nakhle’s “Electric Pulse Surge” is a new melodic techno track that features a beautiful chord progression and a mesmerizing bassline. The combination of the two elements creates a hypnotic atmosphere that captures the listener’s attention from the start.

However, while the track is undoubtedly well-produced, it could benefit from a little more variation in the percussion. The beat is solid and propulsive, but it doesn’t evolve or change enough over the course of the track to keep things interesting. Adding some more variation to the percussion would give the track a bit more depth and texture and prevent it from becoming repetitive.

Overall, “Electric Pulse Surge” is a solid offering from Hadi Nakhle, with a captivating melody and groove. With a little more variation in the percussion, it could be an even more engaging and memorable track.

Because of the strong melody we will share it on our pages, thanks.

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