Skymax – Groove

“Groove” is a dynamic and engaging progressive house track that is sure to get any dance floor moving. The track features a strong bassline that is expertly crafted to create an intense and powerful atmosphere that is impossible to resist.

The bassline provides a solid foundation that drives the energy of the entire composition, and is sure to get listeners moving and grooving from the first beat. In addition to the strong bassline, “Groove” also features tech beats combined with classic house vocals that create a unique and engaging sonic experience.

The vocals are delivered with a smooth and sultry tone, perfectly complementing the tech beats and creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that is sure to captivate any listener. The well-designed percussion in the track is also worth noting, as it fits perfectly with the strong bassline and tech beats to create a high-energy atmosphere that is perfect for any club or dance floor.

The percussion adds a dynamic and engaging layer to the track, and is sure to keep listeners engaged and moving from start to finish. Overall, “Groove” is an exceptional progressive house track that showcases SKYMAX’s talent for crafting dynamic and engaging electronic music. The strong bassline, tech beats, classic house vocals, and well-designed percussion combine to create a high-energy atmosphere that is sure to get any dance floor moving.

It is an excellent addition to any electronic music playlist, and fans of the genre are sure to appreciate the expertly crafted composition and dynamic energy of this exceptional track.

Although it’s not exactly the style we are aiming for, we like the track so much we decided it to share on socials and on our playlist.