Moog Synthesizers: The Pioneers of Electronic Music

When it comes to electronic music, few names carry as much weight as Moog. Founded by Robert Moog in the 1950s, Moog Synthesizers helped to shape the sound of electronic music as we know it today.At its core, a Moog Synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates sound using analog circuits. Unlike traditional musical […]

Out now: DMP – Sacramento

Today, rising young talent DMP drops his latest techno masterpiece, Sacramento This electrifying track showcases DMP’s signature sound and is sure to get listeners’ hearts racing. David Morales (DMP) is starting to make a name for himself in the underground techno scene of Colombia, captivating audiences with his high energy performances and innovative productions. Sacramento […]

Out now: PHNX- Reality

Dutch Dance Records is proud to announce another flaming hot release. This time it’s the young and very talented American melodic techno producer, PHNX. This producer knows how to get, and keep, his audience interested through his perfect sounddesign, atmospheric and mesmerizing use of synths, and well balanced kick and bassline rhythms. PHNX’ track ‘Reality’ […]

DMP – David Morales Palacio

David Morales Palacio, music producer since 2007, began his career in music as head of vocal and instrument recordings for a renowned studio in the city of Pereira (Colombia).
In 2014 he began making different tracks empirically,…

Connor Williams ( PHNX )

Connor Williams

I grew up getting exposed to all kinds of music from the 1970s’s to current, courtesy of my father. I have and still do find myself attached to artists who push creative boundaries and aren’t afraid to be a bit experimental. Classic example, Pink Floyd. Current example, SCARLXRD.

Out now: Hengst – Bang Me

Dutch Dance Records is proud to announce another real hot release. This time it’s HENGST with an absolute banger of a techno floorfiller, Bang Me. With a bpm of 140, ripping synth basslines and real strong driving percussion, only to be topped by its perfectly balanced arrangement, Bang Me has the potential to become an […]

Out now: Victor de la Fe – Rave45

Dutch Dance Records is proud to announce their next release. This time it’s a Spanish peppered Techno banger all the way from Gran Canaria, Spain. Producer and DJ Victor Diago de la Fe has made it clear that the Spanish sun doesn’t keep him from producing an absolute electronical masterpiece, Rave45. With classic techno percussion, […]

Victor de la Fe

Victor Diago de la Fe Dj and producer born in Gran Canaria (Spain), he started in music at a very young age, influenced by his father, who had a Rock-Pop band where he played drums.

His first beginnings in music started when one of his friends…..



Having his roots deep in industrial techno and heavier styles of music one would expect there is no room for beauty. While this is true Randy Meinderts always connected the harsh, deep stomping undergound with the openness of orchestra, lush pads and intrigueing sounddesign.


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